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Corporate Training

Mountbatten Estates have set up a training arm to the business to help educated and improve people knowledge within the property development world who are keen for me to come in and train them at their office and train all your staff and teach staff about site finding and planning, architecture, money and everything else and I might maybe even bring one or two speakers with me as well to help out.

It's good for people who don't have the right training or maybe they don't have their staff trained to the way they need to be.

Anchor 1
  • Deep dive into the planning system

  • Identifying sites

  • Structuring offers

  • Raising finance

  • Building a professional team

  • Complying with the regulations

  • Cashflow and accounting 

  • Build phase 

  • Project management

  • We cover the full life cylcle of property development from site finding to site completion


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For more videos check out our youtube channel here

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Head Office


For any inquiries, or questions, please call: 020 7788 7939 or fill out the following form

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