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Mountbatten Estates have an equity funding arm that specializes in providing equity funding solutions to early and mid-stage property developers on pre and post planning sites around the U.K.

We have an established network of equity funding partners, some of whom we have worked with ourselves on our own projects, that will provide the equity and sometimes debt element of a development transaction. We can advise and consult on optimal structures and strategies for developers, landowners and promoters and pride ourselves on finding solutions where others can't. We are planning experts and are uniquely positioned to help advise clients get funding on their sites in the form of common equity, preferred equity, joint ventures, land assembly, land promotion and value add opportunities.


  • Promoting sites through the local plan

  • Funding up to 100% of total pre-planning costs 

  • Up to 95% of equity for unconditional purchases 

  • £3M GDV and above 

  • Value-add opportunities

  • Brownfield or Greenfield sites

  • High-rise and strategic sites

  • Option / Promotion / Hybrid / Conditional agreements 

  • All asset classes

  • UK wide

  • Existing planning applications considered with a view to optimizing the scheme and significantly increasing land value

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